Geirangers minste hotell - hjemmekoselig sjarm og fabelaktig utsikt

På Lunheim nyter du stillheten, behagelige senger og fantastisk utsikt over Geirangerfjorden. Vi er bygdas minste hotell, så du bør være tidlig ute med rombestilling!


Booking conditions   

  • Our booking conditions are that all reservations  of accommodation shall be secured by a deposit of the costs for the first night of your stay here. The balance is due on arrival.
  • All bookings of activities shall be secured with a deposit of 50%. The balance is due on arrival.

Our guarantee :

*** accommodation here, in an excellent cabin, or in the nearby hotel if we experience a double booking

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellations made 14 days before arrival date or earlier receive full refunds minus transaction charges
  • Cancellations made 14 -7 days before arrival date receive a refund of 50% of the deposit
  • Cancellations made less than 7 days before arrival date warrant no refunds
  • Should any excursion be cancelled because of conditions outside of our control (terrible weather, force majeure) the refund will be a full refund of the deposit
  • Should any planned activity be cancelled because of force majeure the refund will be 100% of the deposit
  • We reserve the right to reallocate guests to *** hotel rooms or high standard cabins other than those which were booked in cases of force majeure

Terms and conditions


A deposit for the first day of your stay here is required. The payment of the deposit for the accomodation will be processed by at the time of booking. All personal data and credit card details are handled by on an encrypted site, in compliance with PCISS and PSD2 regulations ( EU/EEA). Your booking of accomodation here is confirmed when you receive a confirmation e-mail with a booking reference number.
Lunheim Accomodation is responsible for the actual transaction, and for ensuring that the correct ammount is charged against your credit card.
Only Lunheim Acomodation will have access to your name and contact details such as phone number and email address.
Should there be any problem charging against your credit card we shall contact you by email or by telephone.
Should authorization or transaction fail twice the booking will be cancelled.
We recommend that all our guests should print this information, store it, and bring it with you when you come.

Airport shuttle, half day excursions

Airport shuttles and excursions may be booked up to 1 day beforehand and a deposit will be invoiced against the same credit card when you confirm the booking of such services.
An Invoice will be written out and countersigned by the guest before any airport shuttle, day trip, or excursion is started upon ,and payment of the balance is due on delivery of such services.
Geiranger shuttles: may be booked on site or by telephone up to 1 hour beforehand.

Modifications by the guest, Cancellations and deadlines

Modification of arrival date-departure date : ASAP and no later than 8 days before arrival date.
Telephone: +4797129799
(08:00 - 19:00 )
Please note that requests for modifications of arrival date-departure date will be handled ASAP, and we shall do our utmost to accommodate you here.
Should it however prove impossible to accommodate you here on the new arrival dates-departure dates we shall attempt to find you good accomodation nearby at similar and affordable rates.
Lunheim is not responsible for any extra expenses incurred by assisting you to modify your reservation.
To request modification of Arrival date-Departure date, email to


The following deadlines apply for all bookings of accomodation and for other services:

Cancellation deadlines and Refunds

A full refund of the deposit will be made on all accomodation cancellations made 15 days before arrival date or earlier,
Bank transaction fees incurred ( 5 -10% ) will however be deducted from the refund.
Deadline for refund of 50%* of the accomodation deposit : Cancellation received 14 - 8 days before arrival date
* Conditional on Lunheim managing to resell the accomodation at standard rates at short notice.
To cancel your reservation of accomodation: send an email with your booking reference to

Cancellation or major changes by Lunheim Accomodation

If it proves impossible to start out on excursion due to extreme weather conditions then Lunheim will refund any deposits charged for excursions.
In the event of Force majeure Lunheim will assist all guests in finding adequate accomodation at affordable rates. 
We have adequate insurance cover.Our responsibility is however limited to refunding the value of your stay here.


Cancellation of services by third party suppliers may occur due to force majeure and due to conditions which are out of our control.
Cancellation of sightseeing boats, ferries, fjord cruises, bus excursions, mountain hikes may occur due to extreme weather conditions
Lunheim is not responsible for delays and cancellations caused by force majeure or third party service suppliers.
Lunheim is not responsible for any damage caused by guests to third party property.
Aggressive or offensive behavior towards staff or other guests will however not be tolerated in any way.
We do understand that tempers can be short because of jet lag.
Our guests have a right to a reasonably quiet stay, and very noisy guests are not popular here. Such guests will be requested to quieten down or to pack their luggage and to leave the property
We advise that you purchase Travel Insurance before starting your trip.
Should there be any problem charging a deposit against your credit card we shall contact you by email or by telephone.
Should transaction fail twice the booking will be cancelled.
Lunheim Accomodation is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund (RGF).



Adresse : Geirangervegen 345, 6216 Geiranger
Tlf :+ 47 97129799
E-post :